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How Many Animals


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How Many Animals?

What do you do when the agency’s credo is ‘Do instead of talk’ and you hear that the last male Northern White Rhino passed away? Exactly, take action!

With this in mind we created a new brand: How Many Animals.

A unique design is made for each endangered animal, creating a wide range of colourful socks that help our species.

A sock brand that donates 50% of its revenue to organizations that protect the most endangered species on our planet. How Many Animals gives people the answer to the frequently asked question: How many tigers / elephants / rhinos / etc. and while shocking you with the result, we give you an opportunity to do something about it and help the animals!

Making a difference

We are not the only ones putting themselves on the line for endangered species on our planet. We collaborate with initiatives that have proven to be making a difference. We want to attract a mass audience by creating a pro-active message that everybody can contribute towards making this a planet where endangered animals can continue to live free.

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