Freeze Glass

Most Dutch adults prefer their beer a little colder than its normally served.

The Challenge

Heineken’s research showed that 3 out of 4 Dutch adults prefer to drink their beer a few degrees colder than it’s usually served.

So they developed the Extra Cold proposition, placing special taps in bars around the country that serve Heineken between 0 and 2° C. To boost sales and preference, we were asked to help Heineken position itself as the brand to choose when you want deliciously cold beer.

The Solution

We all know the feeling: you’re craving a cold one, but you forgot to put your beer in the fridge.

So we developed the Heineken Freeze Glass—a double walled beer glass containing a cooling liquid that can turn room-temperature beer into ice-cold pleasure in just 5 minutes. Keep a Freeze Glass or two in your freezer and always enjoy your Heineken Extra Cold.

The Freeze Glass was available in Dutch supermarkets and off-licence stores as a free giveaway with every 9-can pack of Heineken purchased.


The campaign put Heineken Extra Cold in homes and hands across the Netherlands

It boosted off- and on-trade sales, and increased market share and brand preference.

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